Worth The Wait

My parents own 5 acres of land that’s surrounded by a wildlife refuge. Growing up, I probably spent about 80% of my time exploring the pastures, building forts, talking to the farm animals, and searching for cow skulls and blackberries to bring home. I would even build furniture for my forts using scrap materials that my dad had, or from logs that I would saw off from the forest of Russian Olives. Thinking back, being out there by myself probably wasn’t the safest thing for a young woman to do, but it’s what made me feel alive. My brother and sister loved to stay indoors, as their hobbies involved things like watching TV and playing video games… And we lived nowhere near other kids my age that I could make friends with, so I had no choice but to venture out on my own.

I’ve always known I was different from those around me… I guess I just didn’t realize that my love for nature and creativity was something that would inspire me on such a monumental level. I have mother nature to thank for becoming the peaceful, loving, artistic woman I am today.

My love for nature was one of my main sources of inspiration for my early artwork, too. Back in elementary school, I loved painting/drawing pictures of trees, landscapes, and animals. These things still inspire my paintings today.

Over the years, the guys that I dated all seemed to have a lot in common. They were the type of guys who were lazy, would throw their garbage out the window while driving, and would rather spend their precious spare time on the computer, playing video games. Even getting a breath of fresh air and going on a simple walk through their neighborhood was too much to ask of them.

I felt trapped. I remember driving around with (a guy that I was dating at the time), and we would pass a huge rock or tree that I wanted to climb, a trail head, or a spectacular viewpoint, and he would continue driving because we “didn’t have enough time” to stop, or we “didn’t plan the trip beforehand and weren’t prepared“.

I remember feeling my blood boil. Like, my skin would get so hot that I felt like my face was on fire. Feeling like I wanted to just open the car door and jump out while it was still moving, not even caring that it might kill me. If there’s one red flag in relationships, feeling like your significant other is holding you back from doing what you truly love was one that should have sent me running for the hills.

I have this craving to do spur of the moment things. A yearning to explore and learn something new. And none of the guys I surrounded myself with shared these same interests. In fact, they were complete opposites from me.

For 24 years of my life, I was certain that I would spend the rest of my time here on Earth recycling through men. Keeping them around because they were someone to talk to, and eventually giving them the boot once they started holding me back. I’ve been known to be a runner- A person who firmly believed in using that fight or flight mode mentality. I was honestly convinced that I would be running from terrible men for the rest of my life… But then I met Joe.

Joe had already been doing all of the things that I found time to do by myself. Taking the long way home to soak in the beauty of back country roads. Getting in the car and just taking off, with no route in mind. Joe has always loved to paint masterpieces that came from his imagination, and loves to build things using materials that he already has on hand. Joe is resourceful, and I love that.

When I first met Joe, it was really hard for me to believe that he was even real. He is basically the male version of myself. I think everyone shares this same fascination with meeting their twin, so the fact that I’ve met mine is so exciting!

Whenever I’m needing inspiration, Joe is there to come bursting in with ideas. Whenever I’m bored, he tells me to get in the car so we can go explore the outdoors.

How have I lived so long without this man?

My life now is completely different and totally not what I would have expected it to be, even two years ago. I work from home, which is something I never would have been able to do without the support that I get from Joe. I also operate a growing, successful Etsy business making bolo ties.. And it all started with Joe’s suggestion to start selling them. Joe is inspiring, which is crucial for someone who is creative-minded, like myself. He fully supports me, and that’s what your life partner should do.

I think back at just how sad I was before. My dreams were crushed daily just from being with someone I wasn’t compatible with. Nobody wants to do the things they love alone. We want someone to enjoy all of these marvelous moments with… And more importantly, we want that person to enjoy them just as much as we do.

I understand how easy it is to settle in relationships. Feeling comfortable is something that we, as humans, long for. But why would you want to spend your life with this person, when leaving them might be the biggest door you could ever open for yourself?

I’m going to say this right now, and I hope that I make myself loud and clear… If you’re unhappy, get out. If that guy or girl that you’re with doesn’t share your same interests, then leave them in the dust. If you have something that sets you apart from the rest, you deserve to put energy into it. You deserve to show it to the world. And anyone who thinks otherwise, is not worth another minute of your time.

There ARE people out there who share your same interests. Get out there and find them.

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    1. Thank you! We are the best of friends and so happy! Thanks for all the support over the years ❤️

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