Tropical Print Head Scarf

Last spring, we made a trip to Costa Mesa, California to visit one of Joe’s friends. The entire time we were there, my mind was overflowing with inspiration! We flew in, so a lot of our exploring was done on foot because we didn’t want to spend the money on a rental car (we spent it on cocktails instead!).

While walking through the local neighborhoods, I was astonished to see the beautiful plants that adorned each of the houses. Luscious green palms, huge Aloe Veras, brightly colored hibiscus, and cacti! I don’t think I’ve ever visited a place that allowed me to bring home so many wonderful ideas. Since then, not only has our apartment been transformed into a bohemian jungle, but my fashion sense has also taken a path toward tropical prints and vibrant colors.

I just recently bought this scarf second-hand for $3.00! The tropical print is bright, fun, and surely steals the attention from the rest of the outfit. Head scarves can be worn in SO many ways! I like to tie mine on top because I have really thin hair, and the knot seems to add volume toward the top of my head. Also, I am WAY past due for a hair appointment.. So this scarf keeps my dark roots our little secret 🙂

I decided to wear a red dress because I really wanted to bring out some of the warmer tones in the scarf. The dress was also purchased from a second-hand store 🙂

These shoes were actually part of the first purchase I made to open up my Etsy shop… But, I fell in love with them and ended up keeping them for myself, haha. No shame! I just couldn’t give these away when they fit me so perfectly! They also went really well with this wooden pendant bolo tie, so the whole outfit pulled together quite nicely!

Have I inspired you yet? Shop through the items I’ve provided below to get the look!

Tropical Printed Scarf by SOAK Couture

Price: $20.54 USD

View item listing HERE




Large Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Wrap by The Kitten Flea

Price: $10.00 USD

View Item Listing HERE


Floral Cotton Hankie by Totally Hankies

Price: $11.95 USD

View item listing HERE



Palm Print Silk Scarf by Repeat Pattern Co.

Price: $58.00 USD

View item Listing HERE




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