Ditsy Floral Wide-Leg Trousers

I’m obsessed with wildflowers. I love finding pretty bottles and vases from Goodwill to put them into once I bring them home. They deserve to be displayed! Not only do they look pretty right after they’re first picked, but they also seem to hold their color once dried better than domesticated flowers. Mother Nature continues to inspire me on the daily, and seeing these beautiful works of art  come to life every spring makes my heart happy.

Does this obsession earn me the title of being a “flower child”? I sure hope so. I’ve always had a love for nature and being outdoors.

70s Bohemian-inspired fashion is such a great way to express the kind of personality and mindset that I possess. The Bohemian look really is about being a free spirit and having a love for all things that inspire us through nature. At least, that’s the way that I look at it. Although this style is chic, it’s still pretty laid back… Which allows me to be confident, while still comfortable in my own skin.

These wide-leg trousers feature a ditsy floral pattern with rusty orange and cream tones. The navy blue underneath really helps to make the floral pattern pop, without being too “in your face”. I found them at Goodwill for $5.99 and they appear to be hand-made! They have an elastic waistband, which makes them super comfortable. I would think that these should be pretty easy to make myself, so maybe I’ll start looking into that. Wouldn’t it be fun to have these pants in different colors/patterns??

The white crop top I’m wearing was bought from Target, and it has really cute sleeves! The details are simple, but a plain white shirt like this makes a great staple piece for any outfit.

The bolo that I’m wearing has the prettiest vintage pendant! Instead of an agate like a lot of the brooches I find, this one was made with a wood piece! It’s setting is gold, with Victorian-esque detailing.  You can find this bolo listed on my Etsy shop HERE.

Get The Look:

Bolo Tie: Jerelle Vintage

White Crop Top: Target

Green Cap: Forever21

Chunky Wedges: Gojane

Pants: Thrifted

Levis Belt: Thrifted

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    1. Trust me.. These pants are almost TOO comfortable! Haha 🙂 I even wear them around the house on lazy Sundays!

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