Crane Tapestry

I blog a lot about my thrifted wardrobe, but I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about finding second-hand home decor, too!

Pinterest really does make our lives so much easier, doesn’t it? I have several items of furniture that I’ve re-finished thanks to all their DIY posts… But I don’t really see why buying second-hand for the home has to stop at furniture that needs a complete makeover.

There are so many beautiful, unique things out there that are perfect just the way they are! They may have outgrown someone else’s taste, but when paired with the right elements, they can bring so much character to a room. And everything has an unknown story, which really intrigues me!

When it comes to taste, I really dig things that give off bohemian and Jungalow vibes… Good news is, thrift stores are filled with that kind of stuff!

I found this tapestry at a second hand store in Richland, Washington and paid $1.50!! Yes, ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS! The darker Earth tones go really great with the rest of the decor in our living room.

The shelf was $3.00 at Goodwill. It’s simple, dainty, and it’s gold! I love gold 🙂

The mirror was actually attached to an old, clunky medicine cabinet.. A good ol’ screw driver and some dark walnut stain spruced it right up! Got it for $25.00.

The three vases/bottles are all from Goodwill.  I spray painted the one on the left white and then Joe painted a cowboy riding a horse on it.. So cool! I use the one in the middle to hold some old dried up wildflowers that I picked last spring (which still have a pretty, purple color! Love them!). The one on the right is one that I just picked up a week ago. It’s the cutest thing ever! The black spots definitely grab your attention when you walk in the room.

And the dream catcher is actually one that my friend Madison made for me! I still have terrible dreams, but at least it makes my living room look pretty 🙂

Also, please don’t laugh at my poor yellowing succulent.. plants are so hard to keep alive! Which is why I’ve started to invest in faux versions (like the one in the spotted vase!).

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